Whale Watching – Spring is in the air….

We’ve had a beautiful month of spring here in Kalbarri- the wildflowers have been the best they’ve been in years, the weather has been great (mostly) and of course the Humpbacks have been doing their thing!

Back in August we were starting to see the new calves with their mothers- they were a very light grey colour and only around a 3-4 metres in length, with the mothers at times very protective of their young. This month we’ve been seeing them that bit older, where they’ve doubled in size (around 8 metres) and are starting to take on the darker adult colouring.

‘During this “teenager” stage they are full of beans, very inquisitive of their surroundings and appear to show off A LOT! We have had them swimming up to the vessel to check us out, head banging, breaching & tail slapping.. the mother allowing this curious behaviour of their young, but still staying very close by. 

We have had numerous memorable tours this past month & we were lucky enough that one of our passengers captured some footage and edited a small clip for us just to show you a snippet of their experience!.

We still have around 6 weeks to go for our whale season- we’ve spoken to other operators further north who have said the Humpbacks are heading back south in droves so we are really looking forward to what they have on offer for us this next few weeks and over the coming school holidays!

If you wish to join a tour over the school holidays, please book before you arrive in Kalbarri to avoid missing out as we are expecting Kalbarri to be extremely busy!