Kalbarri’s Humpback Highway

The annual migration of the Humpbacks commenced earlier than usual this season- we started to see a few early travellers late April and May so we kicked off our first whale watching tours early June & they have not failed to disappoint! So far we have had the most consistent close encounters with these gentle giants we have seen- from breaching, waving flippers, slapping tails & swimming under and around our vessel . Some passengers have been treated to FULL breaches, waving flippers and “head bangs” within 20 metres of the vessel – simply spectacular!

We have recently started to see the first of the calves moving south with their mothers and chaperone (or Aunty as we like to call them), some look only weeks old with fair colouring and riding along on top of mums back to rest at times. Gantheaume Bay is the perfect area for Mothers to call in and “rest” with their young- where they start to teach them a few tricks like tail slapping and breaching which, is quite funny to watch as they learn to master these life skills.

If you’re here on holiday in Kalbarri, we’d love to have you onboard.