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Enjoy a morning on the water pulling our rock lobster posts.

An informative, unique & exiting tour... Who knows what we might catch!

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Crayfish Lunch

Rock Lobster Lunch Tours


Kalbarri’s ocean is full of some of the world’s most premium wild-caught seafood.

Let Reefwalker Charters take you out to experience catching & then dining on our world famous Western Rocklobster!

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Join Reefwalker for an Adventure on the Ocean

March 23, 2018

Our regular fisher Bob with a nice Red Emperor

January 23, 2018

Western Australian Dhufish – Mel Anderson

January 19, 2018

Coral Trout & Dhufish – Ashley Van Viersan

January 5, 2018

Red Emperor

December 21, 2017

WA Red Emperor

December 18, 2017

Rock Lobster

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Come and take a trip with Reefwalker Charters in the beautiful town of Kalbarri. We are at the heart of Australia’s Coral Coast where beach, bush and every kind of Australian scenery is rolled into one. A summer paradise and a winter playground.

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